Eyðibýli á Íslandi

  1. Please type the quantity of books (volumes) to buy.
  2. Please tell us whether you like to come to our office and get the books or you would like the books to be sent to you.
  3. Press the button "Pay with credit card".  You will be directed to Valitor's official website to finish the payment.
The books will be sent to you.  The price of each volume is 5.500 ISK.  The shipping cost will be added to your payment.
The price for the whole edition, publ. 1-7, in a box is 38.500 ISK.  The price for the box itself is 2.500 ISK when bought separately.
Eyðibýli - 1. publication *Sold out*
Eyðibýli - 2. publication *Sold out*
Eyðibýli - 3. publication *Sold out*
Eyðibýli - 4. publication
Eyðibýli - 5. publication
Eyðibýli - 6. publication
Eyðibýli - 7. publication
Box for publ. 1.-7 *Sold out*
The whole edition 1.-7. publ. in a box *Sold out*
Pay with credit card

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